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The new generation
long lasting fresh

Daily Fruit &
Fibre Mix

Fresh At Hand

Good For You

Super Tasty

Our patented FiberedFresh® technology gives you the freshest taste and is 100% natural.

The Mix

Your healthy smoothie
just a scoop away

The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix is made of only fresh fruit & fibre and comes in two delicious flavours. Make your own healthy smoothie or stir it through your breakfast cereal.


Eating fresh fruit has never been easier. In just a couple of steps you can make a healthy fruit smoothie or breakfast bowl just the way you like it.

Mango in tree


Our mixes aren’t just fresh, healthy and delicious, but also have a positive impact. We support local farmers in Kenya, contribute to reducing food waste and our packaging is completely plastic-free. Want to know how?