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In the beginning of 2016 our own Gijs Weenink was experimenting with new ways of naturally extending a product’s shelf-life. Coming from a family of bakers he’s always had an interest in the production of food. The choice to go on and study Food Technology surprised no one. After finishing his degree he became a Food Technologist for several big companies in The Netherlands.

During his kitchen experiments he came across something he had never seen before. When he mixed a puree with fibre, removed the moisture and later added water again, the product returned close to its original state. With a quality unknown to him. And not just to him. After contacting a patent authority he found out that this technology was indeed, as he had hoped, revolutionary.

Gijs Weenink
FiberedFresh® process

In essence FiberedFresh® is an incapsulation technology to extend a product’s shelf-life. Completely in a natural way and applicable to any kind of food. We mix the original product with a fibre, de-water it at a low temperature to turn it into a dry layer that we finally grind into a rough powder.

FiberedFresh® is based on a fibre that captures the natural flavour, smell, colour in an optimal manner. Other alternatives like spray- or freeze drying are not only quite costly, but can also create unwanted differences in taste and texture because of the extreme temperature changes. And FiberedFresh® does not.

In 2017 the FiberedFresh® patent was published. TuttiFoodi B.V. was founded to create products with it’s technology and launched its first line of products, the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes, at the end of 2019.