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At Tuttifoodi we want to make it easier for you to have delicious and healthy fruit available at any time. By adding a natural dietary fibre to our pre-made recipes of fruit we can do exactly that, but it doesn’t end there. We also want to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Farmer shows mango
Farm in Kenya


Farms in Kenya grow delicious tropical fruit, but not all is suitable (read: looks good enough) for export to the Western world. Nor is the local market able to absorb all of this rejected produce. Resulting in post-harvest loss, one of the biggest challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa1.

That’s where we, together with our partner Azuri Health Ltd, step in. Because we don’t dismiss this perfectly good fruit based on looks, we support local farmers and get delicious fresh and super ripe fruit in return! A win-win situation for everyone! Good for you. Good for tutti.

The environment

It’s no secret anymore that our environment is taking a hard hit. We know plastic is covering the earth, oceans are filling to a plastic soup and the air contains more and more CO2. We from Tuttifoodi feel like it’s our mission and obligation to contribute to a better tomorrow.

For example, our packaging is completely 100% plastic & aluminium-free. It’s made of natural Kraft paper with a biobased inner layer and zipper made of cornstarch. Making our packaging:

   100% Compostable
   100% Made of biobased material

And during the production process we peel the skin, take the stones out of our fruit and de-water all the moisture with our FiberedFresh technology to keep almost all nutrients in. This way we end up with only 15% of it’s original weight and it makes refrigerating unnecessary. Decreasing the CO2 footprint of our transport drastically.

Mango in tree


The ultimate goal for TuttiFoodi is to make our new generation of long lasting fresh available for everyone. Especially in those parts of the world where it is hard to keep or grow fresh produce because of bad infrastructure or an unforgiving climate.