The first TuttiFoodi spark was ignited in 2016 when Gijs discovered, what is now called, FiberedFresh®. But then he had a stroke of bad luck. Or did he?

Gijs, who was working for a snack company at the time, developed an allergy to peanuts and had to quit his job. All of a sudden he had plenty of time to further investigate the preservation technology he had just discovered.
Later that year Gijs met with Wilco. With his long background in the food industry he immediately saw the potential and the two decided to team-up to further develop and commercialize this idea. They filed a patent, politely declined an offer from a big flavour company and set to work.

They received a lot of enthusiasm from food companies, but the pending patent application and the lack of concrete products and facilities needed to be overcome first in order to be in business. During this time Gijs and Wilco were still employed at their regular jobs and worked on this other project in evenings and weekends.

When they met Robertjan in 2017 that all changed. Robertjan had just successfully made an exit from Fatboy with the ambition to support start-ups with a sustainability focus. The new financing allowed Wilco and Gijs to fully concentrate on what now was called TuttiFoodi. It also allowed to enlist assistance from Danielle and others from consultancy company P2 that Robertjan had also established. A little later Titus, who had lead the food practice in P2, joined the team quickly followed by fresh graduate Lisa.

In 2018 the focus was on partnering with food companies to make products with TuttiFoodi’s FiberedFresh® technology. Early 2019 it was decided to also create own products and the first product line of Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes was born. The two flavours: “Tropical Summer” and “Carribbean Summer” mark the beginning of an entire line of tasty flavours. Koen joined the team as (web) creative for this effort and as the year progressed the co-operation with production partner Azuri Health in Kenya intensified as well. 

What the future holds we don’t know. But we do have the ambition to make our launch a resounding success, become visible in the Online, Retail and Out of Home market in The Netherlands with multiple products and expand to other European countries. At the same time, we are working to establish a joint venture with Azuri in Kenya to also address the African market with healthy nutritious food while contributing to the local battle with post-harvest loss. It’s all about the positive impact.

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