After the launch of our first two flavours of the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix a couple of weeks ago, we have received the first experiences of our customers. It felt a bit like the exit polls from an election coming in when the feedback steadily started filling up our mailbox. But man, were we happy, because:

  • The taste was widely appreciated
    Joris: “It tastes like fresh and is not too sweet.” & Marjolijn: “My kids love it!”.
  • The health benefit was recognized
    Thom: “It’s a really easy way to increase my daily fruit and fibre intake.” & Bas: “Healthy and easy to prepare.”.
  • The fair supply chain and minimal footprint were appreciated
    Bineke: “The idea behind the product makes me happy.” & Tineke: “It is an honest product for the local farmers, entrepreneurs and for nature.”.

Room for improvement

But there also appeared to be room for improvement. Some people tried to prepare the mix by stirring it in a glass of water and found out that that doesn’t work (we could have told you so). Others said it only becomes a real killer smoothie if prepared in a blender with yoghurt, using a bit more than the recommended dose. When prepared in a shaker using water it becomes more of a rich fruit juice. Still others suggested to develop a pure Mango flavour, which was already on our list, but now moved up on our priority list.

But all in all, we are really happy about the warm welcome the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes has received. This feedback really helps us to improve our product, based on customer response rather than dreaming it up ourselves. So big thanks to all who shared their thoughts.

Have you tried the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix and want to share your thoughts as well? Send us an email at

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