When sipping your delicious Mango smoothie, did you ever wonder what it took to get into your glass? And not only the physical route from the tree (yes, they grow on trees) to cleaning and peeling, into a dryer, a bag, a truck, a ship, a pouch and into the package you find on your doormat? But also, the web of rules and procedures that has facilitated your sip?

Well, to be honest, we didn’t. But we did learn a thing or two. For instance, that the Kenyan and Dutch Governments have a trade agreement which means that agriculture products from Kenya can be imported completely duty-free. Since these import duties could have been as high as 19%, that is good news for the price you are paying and therefore also for the farmers in Kenya.

Besides duties, governments are also concerned about the health of their inhabitants. Meaning we have to abide by the EU’s regulations on food safety. And of course we have registered imports with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

But we also need a little help from our friends in Kenya to get your smoothie into your glass. The farmer to grow it, the staff of Azuri to dry and produce it, their clearing agent to ship it out of Mombassa, the so called “consignee” to unload the ship here, our clearing agent to get it through customs and whisk it away to our packaging location and finally the postman who drops it on your doormat. Only thing that’s left to do for you, is to blend your Fruit & Fibre Mix with water and enjoy.

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