Hi Tutti!

The 27th of October 2019 the day had finally come, the day we produced our new batch of the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes in Thika, Kenya. To give you an idea of what is involved to plan such a production and the impact, I am happy to write a short Journey post.

To start, every Monday we have a short conference call from The Netherlands with our partners in Kenya, Eddie and Tei from Azuri Health LTD. During this call new insights and developments are shared and we were very happy that 2 weeks before it was all about scheduling and managing production batches. You can imagine how excited we were when the moment had finally come to start. Let the production begin!

Start of the day

The day in Thika starts at 7 o’clock in the morning when the fresh fruit is delivered to our production hub. This facility is near the farmers where the desired varieties of Gatundu North pineapple, apple mango and purple passion fruit are grown. These selected farmers have the knowledge and ability to pick the fruit at peak ripeness to assure the best taste.

But just having the tastiest fruit is not enough. A well-trained production team is just as important. That day 30 locally trained employees, that we call ‘Our Foodies’, are divided into 4 groups with different responsibilities.
This means we have our ‘Fruities’ for washing, cutting, slicing, our ‘Blendies’ as masters in preparing of our compositions, our ‘Qualities’ doing the quality and process parameter checks and our ‘Loadies’ who do the loading and unloading of our containerized water extractor, the so called Freshculator.
Producing our mixes needs to be fun and done with a smile, so creating a positive vibe within the team and everyone getting their own responsibility is very important.


But to become a part of the production team isn’t easy. Every new employee needs to follow a HACCP training to learn the hygiene rules and quality standards of working with food products. This means washing hands and changing shoes and clothes before entry, wearing a cap and not wearing any rings, etc.

After cleaning the workspace and washing the fruit, the cutting, peeling and mixing can begin. Then we weigh and blend the fruit combinations and extract the water in a controlled environment. This makes the fruit transform into nice shiny flakes which we crush and pulverize into what you know as the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix. 


So using our super healthy and delicious mixes is not only good for your daily fruit & fibre intake, but also contributes to the development of local food knowledge, to ‘well-oiled’ production facilities and to employment opportunities in Kenya. Good for you. Good for tutti.

All I want to say is: Teamwork makes our dream work!! 

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