Foodwatch, the Robin Hood of the Dutch food-industry, wrote about “healthy” fibre-snacks and fruitdrinks. A good reason for us to jump on that.

Ha Tutti!

For years Foodwatch has been revealing mishaps of foodproducers in the wondrous world of the Dutch food-industry, like commercial-fails, misleading packaging and other marketing scandals. Last month they sent a newsletter containing news about “healthy” snacks and fruit in a bottle: juices en smoothies. They brought up some critical points, which is music to our TuttiFoodi ears!


The thing is that “smoothie” isn’t a protected term like “whole grain”. In the Netherlands you can only define bread that is made of 100% whole grain, as whole grain. But smoothies come in so many different varieties. Healthy and not so healthy. And unfortunately the unhealthy ones often pretend to be healthy.

The unhealthy smoothies consist mostly of juice. This can be fresh juice, like apple- or orange juice, or juice from concentrate. In both cases the juice’s main job is to give the product taste and to use it as filler. The foremost reasons for this are, it’s cheap, and it’s sweet. But that’s not healthy.

Vitamins & fibre

Fibres are hard to find in a lot of smoothies, but why is this so important? ‘Insoluble fibres’ make you feel saturated. How they work is very simple: they fill space in your intestines so your digestive system can work optimally to extract all the energy, vitamins and minerals from your food. Because: the longer in your intestines, the more is being obtained.

Then there’s soluble fibre, the ‘food for your microbiome’: a gel-like layer in your intestines that keeps everything balanced and feeds the good bacteria.

TuttiFoodi VS. supermarket-smoothies

As for fibre-intake you hit the jackpot with us: the fibres we use for FiberedFresh® are soluble fibres and the fruit is processed in its entirety, so with fibre and all. This in contrary to most of the supermarket-smoothies, that mostly consist of juice and have the same amount of sugars as sodas!

So next time you’re looking for a healthy smoothie and stand in front of the shelves; read the small copy. You’ll probably walk on without getting anything. The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix from TuttiFoodi is simply a better alternative.

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